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The Sinhala books website is the most visited ebook reader site in Sri Lanka. The novel you have written is perfect for our website, which is read by thousands of people every day.We had to take down some novels from the website after printing companies expressed interest in publishing them, although we did allow them to be printed. If you already have a novel written, you may email it to us in PDF format, or we can convert it for you and post it on the site. Send us all the chapters from your novel that have been published on Facebook, and we will format them into an Ebook, design a cover, and upload it to the site.Send us your novel in Word or PDF format, and we’ll publish it on the site.This page explains how and why we collect, use, and disclose your personal information when you use our Service, as well as the options you have in this regard.Your information is essential to the operation of the Service and its continued development. Your use of the Service constitutes your acceptance of this policy and its terms of collection and use. Any terminology not otherwise specified above shall have the same meaning as set out in our terminology and Conditions.To deliver and enhance the Service, we gather multiple categories of information.Showcasing the fascinating history and culture of the Sinhalese people, sinhala books are widely read in Sri Lanka.There are places where you may download free sinhala novels, providing you with a large selection of works to read and enjoy.You may find several websites that offer downloadable books, including those that offer Sinhala novels pdf free download, for free. Find a website that hosts a library of Sinhala novels, and then head over to the book’s page to locate the download button.Download free PDFs free download sinhala novels of popular romantic sinhala novels. Explore fascinating tales of undying love that will transport you to a world of passion and feeling.Novels, poetry, and self-help books are just few of the many types of literature available in Sinhala ebooks, which are digital publications in the Sinhala language.Find and download sinhala pdf books for no cost, giving you access to a plethora of literature in the Sinhala ebook format.

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