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We are a supplier of static control equipment, Material Handling equipment, Automation equipment, Testing equipment, and Chemicals. Our company was founded by a group of engineers. We’re glad to have been of assistance to the business community since the early 2010s. Mostori’s mission from the beginning has been to provide the best possible items at the most affordable prices. Mostori has always valued communication with its clients and has made an effort to make itself easily accessible to them. You don’t simply receive a piece of equipment in a box when you purchase a mostori product; you get personalized assistance from the time you make the first phone contact. Because our sales staff isn’t paid based on commission, they treat all customers the same, regardless of order size.One of the most effective ways to get rid of static electricity in insulators and isolated conductors is by ionization. Therefore, ionization is crucial in limiting the effects of electrostatic discharge.To attempt to blast away contamination and cosmetic defects with regular compressed air will just charge up the surface, attracting the particles back. Compressed air that has been ionized is capable of neutralizing the offending surface, therefore preventing the problem.Better performance and longer product life may be yours when you safeguard your batteries from harm with features like shock resistance, moisture protection, and enhanced thermal stability.

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